Stainless & Carbon Steel Flanges

Golden Highope Industrial Inc. Ltd. offers a variety of Stainless Steel Flanges & Carbon Steel Flanges. There are many different standard worldwide which includes ASA / ANSI / ASME (USA), PN / DIN (European), BS10 (British / Australian), and JIS / KS (Japanese / Korean). Many of the flanges in each standard are divided into "pressure classes", allowing flanges to be capable of taking different pressure ratings for example 150lbs or 300lbs…etc. These are not generally interchangeable. Flange designs are also available as Welding Neck, Threaded (Screwed), Slip-On, Lap Joint, Blind and Socket Welding Flanges…etc. For more information, please refer to our online E-catalogues.

Stainless & Carbon Steel Flanges: