Threadolet Fittings

THREADOLET Forged High Pressure Fitting
Product Name : Threadolet Fittings
Product Description

Item Number: 

  • TOLR - Branch Outlet Fitting Threaded End Reducing Way Type
  • TOLS - Branch Outlet Fitting Threaded End Straight Way Type

  • THREADOLET Forged High Pressure Fitting
  • Forged High Pressure Fittings OLR_TOLS
  • Forged High Pressure Fitting OLR_TOLS
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Product Character

Size: 1/8”- 4”

Threaded in accordance with ASME B1.20.1

Dimension to MSS SP-95-2006

Pressure Rating:

  • Reducing Way Type-3000 (Standard and Extra Strong) / 6000 (Schedule 160 and Double Extra Strong) LBS
  • Straight Way Type-3000 LBS

Material Specification:

  • ASTM A105, A350 LF2
  • ASTM A182 (F304, F304L, F316, F316L, F304H, F316H, F317L, F321, F11, F22, F91)


  • Carbon Steel: Galvanized or Black
  • Stainless Steel: Pickled
  • Low Alloy Steel: Black

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